Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550 – This quick monochrome-laser MFP prints well, and the list of capabilities is profound. In any case, a high cost for every page—and a high introductory cost, period—hose its allure.

Contrasted with everything else Canon does—computerized cameras, photograph printers, plotters, rapid laser copiers—its monochrome laser printers may appear to be unsexy. Indeed, even multifunction-printer (MFP) models like the present audit unit, the $599-MSRP ImageClass D1550, as intricately proficient and highlight filled as they might be, are dominated by all else that the Canon name connotes.

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550 (Angle View)

More Information about the Canon printer

All things considered, Canon and its rivals make, refresh, and offer these monochrome laser and laser-class (LED-cluster) printers by the boatload, so laser-based business machines are perfectly healthy, even under the attack of cost forceful business inkjets. The ImageClass D1550 hit the market at the lower end of a 11-machine Canon item discharge prior this year, with Canon situating the D1550 as a laser MFP for little and home workplaces (SOHOs). Notwithstanding this model, the organization additionally revealed the ImageClass D1520, which is $100 less expensive and is a “3-in-1” MFP (doing printing, checking, and duplicating), instead of the D1550’s 4-in-1 usefulness, which likewise incorporates fax.

Likewise part of that same mid 2016 dispatch (and furthermore downstream of the D1550) was the $399-MSRP ImageClass MF414dw, another 4-in-1 monochrome MFP. The MF414dw, however, dials back the paper taking care of versus the D1550, with just a 250-sheet paper tape, instead of the 500-sheet cabinet that comes stock with the D1550. To put it plainly, the D1550 is the model of the most recent pack that bodes well on the off chance that you require both faxing and heaps of paper stacked at one time.

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550 (Angle View-Tray Open)

All things considered, each of the three of these ImageClass models are expandable, giving you a chance to include a moment 500-sheet tape, which we’ll cover in more prominent detail later on. Furthermore, as monochrome MFPs go, as far as speed and quality, the D1550 is a decent one. In any case, it has a key admonition: Considering its price tag and cost per page, it’s to some degree costly to purchase, and on the off chance that you print or duplicate anyplace remotely near its 50,000-page month to month obligation cycle, you’ll see it somewhat expensive to use to that degree.

At the end of the day, the D1550 lives on an awkward center ground: Despite the high introductory price tag for the equipment, you don’t get a break on the consumables to adjust it off. The high cost per page (CPP) improves the D1550 suited, as a printer, to be a moderately low-volume, periodic utilize machine. On the off chance that your month to month print volume measures in the thousands instead of the hundreds, it’s not hard to discover printers out there with better CPP figures and which hence improve high-volume hopefuls. This model bodes well fundamentally on the off chance that you likewise need to depend intensely on the non-printing usefulness that this unit brings.

Outline and Features Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550

In some of its online writing, Canon calls the D1550 a “Monochrome Laser Copier,” as opposed to a laser MFP. These days, the lines between these classes of hardware are getting foggy. MFPs, by definition, can duplicate; in like manner, numerous advanced copiers do significantly more than duplicate. Here, the usefulness spans the two classes, regardless of whether you’re printing from a PC or a cell phone, replicating firsts by means of the scanner, or mass-checking utilizing this present unit’s 50-sheet auto-duplexing programmed record feeder (ADF).

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550 (ADF)

Auto-duplexing, on account of the ADF, implies programmed two-sided examining without you flipping the firsts over physically. The print motor likewise underpins auto-duplexing on the D1550, so the printer can make unattended duplicates for up to 50 two-sided pages (100 sides, out and out). Along these lines, you get some moderately propelled copier usefulness in this unit, which we acknowledged given the evaluating. Twofold sided examining likewise implies you can process mass records for change to PDF or for OCR (more on that in a bit).

You set up replicating and different sorts of walkup/without pc undertakings from the 3.5-inch shading touch screen…

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550 (ControlPanel)

Walkup undertakings, on account of this printer, incorporate printing from (or filtering to) USB thumb drives, which is never a given with monochrome MFPs. The port is situated to one side of the yield plate, as appeared in the picture beneath.

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550 (USB)

Notice additionally the Near-Field Communication (NFC) hotspot on the far left segment of the control board. You can touch your NFC-good Android telephone here to print straight from it over a shared association, without including a system or a switch association. iPhones don’t right now bolster NFC, yet the D1550’s help for Wi-Fi Direct is an option; it, as well, enables you to make a switch less shared association, enabling you to print or output without joining the neighborhood organize.

Extra network alternatives incorporate Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and straight USB-to-PC by means of a standard printer link. Remember that to utilize a considerable lot of this current printer’s portable highlights, for example, interfacing with cloud destinations and nearby system drives, you’ll require Internet and LAN associations. Associating over USB will block that and much decrease this current printer’s usefulness.

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550 (Back)

At 17.7 inches side-to-side, 18.6 inches front to back, by 18.3 inches high, and tipping the scales at a heavy 47.2 pounds, the ImageClass D1550 isn’t planned as a work area printer, yet it isn’t larger than average for an office workhorse. (Given the outline and the inward paper dealing with, it doesn’t require an undue measure of room around the edges to work.) If you utilize it as an individual printer, it’s not all that large as to run you off your work area—in any event, insofar as you wouldn’t fret imparting your space to a tall, humming mass.

Setup and Cost Per Page Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550

These days, setting up most printers (even generally complex multifunction models like this one) is a snap. Likewise with most machines in the 40-pounds-and-higher club, the hardest piece of getting it introduced was wrestling it out of the case. Most people, we think, ought to get some assistance with this; the D1550 isn’t brutal overwhelming. In any case, it’s sufficiently thick that lifting it above abdomen stature might be a test in case you’re not an exercise dog.

After seat squeezing the unit to its new home, it’s simply a question of expelling the pressing tape and materials, evacuating the seal on the toner cartridge, stacking paper, and introducing the drivers and utilities from the included plate. It was all snappy and proficient, taking no longer than 30 minutes. Our lone genuine grievance is that the drivers would be accessible to a more extensive scope of gadgets were they dispersed through USB, as opposed to on optical plate. Numerous gadgets, including workstations, come without circle perusers nowadays, and will be compelled to go to Canon’s webpage for a download of the product.

It’s a disgrace that this printer is so expensive to utilize; else it would be more reasonable to such huge numbers of different conditions. Group offers just a single size of toner cartridge for this MFP, the Canon Monochrome Laser Cartridge 120. Cartridge 120 is great, as per Canon, for around 5,000 prints, and it offers for $176 on Canon’s site (and somewhat more wherever else). We found outsider, non-Canon knockoff cartridges for as meager as $37—for what that is worth—which could change the estimating progression of this printer completely. Be that as it may, we can’t prescribe untested knockoff toner without genuine reservations, particularly in a printer as expensive as this one.

Utilizing the Cartridge 120’s numbers, we computed the D1550’s cost per page to around 3.5 pennies for every page, which is more similar to the CPP for a low-end or midrange inkjet, not a $600 laser printer with a 50,000-page obligation cycle. The issue for Canon here: A huge number of printers at or close to this value run convey CPPs that are route lower than this with their official toner. Indeed, in the event that you are happy with inkjet yield (great inkjet yield, mind you), you can show improvement over this.

For one, you may be more joyful with the HP PageWide Pro 577dw$599.14 at Amazon’s eight-tenths of a penny for high contrast pages, or maybe the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-5690$294.64 at Amazon and its 1.6 pennies. (You additionally get the reward of shading printing, to boot.) It’s troublesome, then again, to locate a monochrome-laser MFP with a monochrome page cost under 2 pennies (the Brother HL-L6200DW$169.99 at Amazon rings a bell, however it’s a print-just machine), which is the minimum you should go for while producing a huge number of pages every month.

To make this clearer, printing 30,000 pages on a printer with a 3.5-penny CPP will cost you about $1,050 in toner, while printing the same 30,000 prints on a machine with a 1.5-penny CPP will cost you $600, or $450 less. That turns out to $5,400 following a year, or enough to purchase this or some other midrange or high-volume printer out there many circumstances over.

Presently, this is obviously an extraordinary illustration, however move the decimal place more than one spot to one side. Regardless of whether you printed “only” 3,000 pages per month, you’re taking a gander at a $45 distinction in toner every month, or more than $500 a year—about the cost of the printer itself. Indeed, even in a situation like that 3,000-page-per-month one, picking a lower-CPP printer for a couple of hundred bucks more can pay for itself in only fourteen days or months.

Thus, we’ll call the D1550, when utilized with its Cartridge 120 toner, an incidental utilize machine, at lea We beleieve the review is complete about Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550 .

Installation Instruction - Ij Start Canon Setup Procedure

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550 driver complete Installation instruction

Some people believe that setting up a printer on the computer or PC can be very difficult. Here present the easy steps to set up Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550 to your Windows computer/laptop without CD, because we acknowledege that every printer come wit CD installer in its box. Follow the steps below:

  1. if you have CD please Insert the CD into CD/DVD slot and Follow the installation wizard
  2. if you don’t have the CD, please download the driver below based on your Operating System
  3. Double click on the downloaded driver software and Follow the installation wizard
  4. When the installation is completed, make sure the printer works correctly by printing a test paper.
  5. if it works correctly, the printer is ready to use.

Operating system support:

MS Windows Server 2003, MS Windows 7, MS Windows Vista SP1, MS Windows XP SP3, MS Windows Server 2008, MS Windows Vista SP2, MS Windows Server 2008 R2, MS Windows 7 SP1, MS Windows Server 2003 R2, MS Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows RT, Android, iOS, Windows 8.1, MS Windows Server 2012 R2, Apple Mac OS X 10.6.8 – 10.9

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Windows all versions 32bit
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OS X 10.9,OS X 10.8
Mac OS X 10.6

Linux (RPM/DEB)

Canon Ij Setup imageCLASS D1550